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Delicious smoked salmon salad recipes



You’ve been having that obligatory post-festive purge since New Year’s Day. But now, two weeks in, you’re beginning to want to kick the New Year health kick into touch. If this describes you, then fear not. These two tasty smoked salmon salad recipes will stop you from falling off the wagon and prove that you can indulge yourself and remain healthy.


Coln Valley Hot Smoked Salmon with a lemon chilli dressing


As Coln Valley is renowned for its hot smoked salmon (or Kiln roasted smoked salmon, as we like to call it), we thought we’d open with a hot smoked salmon salad recipe.

Serves: 4



A whole side of Coln Valley’s Kiln Roasted Smoked Salmon

250g new potatoes (halved)

100g asparagus tips

125g bag of mixed salad leaves (any of your choosing)

1 x small bunch of parsley (leaves picked and chopped)

1 x small bunch of mint (leaves picked and chopped)

70g radish, thinly sliced

2 x spring onions (sliced diagonally)

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

60ml olive oil

1 x teaspoon wholegrain mustard

1 x red chilli


Boil up the potatoes for around 10 minutes or until tender. A minute or so before taking them off the boil add the asparagus tips to cook. Drain, leave to cool and then whisk together the lemon juice, olive oil, mustard and chilli in a separate bowl.

Grab a large bowl and mix together the potatoes, asparagus, salad, herbs and radishes. Add the majority of the dressing and mix further before laying out the contents on a large dish. With your hands, break up the kiln roasted smoked salmon into large chunks, covering the salad, and throw the spring onions over the top. Complete the dish by pouring over the remaining dressing – and enjoy.



Jamie’s smoked salmon & avocado salad



Trust Jamie to save us from ourselves! This smoked salmon salad recipe sounds pretty standard, but as is always the case with Jamie Oliver, there’s something a little but special about this variation of the dish.

Serves: 2




200g Coln Valley smoked salmon

½ ciabatta loaf (sliced into two)

1 x avocado (stoned and sliced)

½ lemon

¼ cucumber

1 handful of fresh herbs, leaves already picked

½ punnet of cress

1 x tablespoon mixed seeds

½ blood orange (cut into two)

Olive oil

Black pepper (freshly ground)





Grab a griddle and heat. Whilst heating, place the sliced avocado in a bowl, squeeze over some lemon juice and then, using a peeler, peel the cucumber on top. Then add the herbs and cress.

Take another pan and gently toast the seeds. Once toasted, leave to cool.

In a small bowl, squeeze the juice from the blood orange and mix with a glug of olive oil. Season to taste.

Now that the griddle is piping hot, griddle both sides of the ciabatta until charred both sides. Once toasted, sprinkle the dressing over the top. Place each slice on a plate and then top with smoked salmon before drizzling over the remainder of the dressing. Add the salad mixture before topping with the toasted seeds.

Happy New Year from everyone at Coln Valley – and stay healthy!


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Smoked salmon cupcakes (because cupcakes don’t need to be full of sugar)

Coln Valley's selection of smoked and cured fish products
A selection of Coln Valley products perfect for making smoked salmon cupcakes

After reading this headline you’re probably thinking about that famous garlic bread sketch by Peter Kay.


It is true that cupcakes aren’t the first thing that most people would think about after hearing the words ‘smoked salmon’, and vice versa. In fact, most people would think buttercream, chocolate and basically anything sweet!


However, with National Cupcake Week on the horizon (18 – 24 September), we thought that providing a selection of smoked salmon recipes with a twist would be a nice way to celebrate the national event.


Here are three recipes that we think are worthy of this unusual union – and that taste particularly delicious.


Smoked salmon and dill cupcake


Serves 24




For the cakes…


200g pack of Coln Valley’s Traditional Smoked Salmon

500g self-raising flour

1 x teaspoon of Paprika

12 x tablespoons sunflower oil

300ml natural yoghurt

250ml milk

2 x eggs

1 x tablespoon of dried dill


For the topping…


100g pack of Coln Valley’s Traditional Smoked Salmon

300g of cream cheese

Lemon zest on 1 x lemon

Dill sprigs




Heat an oven to 180°C and line two cupcake trays with 24 cupcake cases.


Mix the paprika and flour in a large mixing bowl before beating together the eggs, milk, yoghurt and oil in a separate bowl. When mixed nicely, beat thoroughly into the flour and paprika mixture.


Divide the mixture between the cases and bake until firm and golden. Take out to cool.


Finish the cakes by blending the cream cheese, remaining smoked salmon and lemon zest. Dress the cake – either using a piping bag or a spoon depending on your presentation style – with the mixture and finish with a tiny sprig on each cake.


Gravadlax cupcakes


Serves 24


We love this recipe, and as Coln Valley has become well known for its interesting gravadlax flavours you can take your pick as to which you prefer to use.




200g Coln Valley Gravadlax (choose from our selection) – cut into 3cm pieces

80g self-raising flour

80g almond flour

1 x teaspoon of baking powder

1 x large pinch of sea salt

80ml olive oil

80ml almond milk

250g crème fraîche

3 tablespoons of freshly chopped dill

4 x teaspoons of horseradish cream

Extra dill for garnish




Heat the oven to 175°C and line two cupcake trays with 24 cupcake cases.


Mix the flour (both types), baking powder and salt in a mixing bowl.


Take another bowl and add and mix the oil, eggs and milk. Once thoroughly mixed, add the flour mixture and mix well.


Share the mixture among the 24 cupcake cases and bake until firm and golden. Take out when ready and cool.


Mix the crème fraîche and horseradish cream and either using a piping bag or a spoon depending on your presentation style to decorate the cake. Use the remaining garnish to decorate.


Coln Valley is giving away a 454g pack of its Traditional Smoked Salmon to the person who has an unusual smoked salmon cupcake recipe to share on our Facebook page. Recipes need to be with us by the end of National Cupcake Week to qualify.