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Traditionally smoked salmon

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Privacy Policy

  1. Aim of privacy policy
    1. The aim of these privacy policy terms is to protect the privacy of clients in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2016/679).
    2. The privacy policy terms apply to the website of Coln Valley Smokery Ltd https://www.colnvalley.co.uk
    3. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd confirms that by processing the client's personal data it follows the principles of legality, justice and transparency; restriction of aim and minimality; trustworthiness and confidentiality; correctness and preservation restriction.
    4. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd confirms that it makes its best efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and applies all measures to maintain these data as required.
    5. By using the website (incl. by signing up to the newsletter or purchasing from the e-shop) the client confirms its agreement with the current privacy policy terms.
  2. Personal data processor
    1. The personal data processor is Coln Valley Smokery Ltd, Chapel House, 1 Chapel Street, Guildford, GU1 3UH, UK 01285 740311 admin@colnvalley.co.uk
  3. Legal basis of personal data and aim of processing
    1. Personal data are the data collected by Coln Valley Smokery Ltd with the aim to fulfil/ at the fulfilment of the contract to be concluded/concluded with the client or to contact it and to forward newsletters to the client upon the agreement of the client.
    2. The personal data of the client can be collected as follows:
      1. in submitting of the data when signing up to the newsletter on the website by the client;
      2. during the purchase or placing an order in the store or e-shop or in e-order environment.
    3. John Ross Jr processes personal data for the following purposes:
      1. conclusion of the sales transaction or provision of service (incl. orders);
      2. contacting the client;
      3. client relations management;
      4. delivery of goods;
      5. improvement of service;
      6. forwarding of offers (incl. newsletters).
  4. Personal data to be
    1. All data on the physical person established or to be established are handled as personal data. The personal data to be processed by Coln Valley Smokery Ltd are:
      1. first name and surname;
      2. phone number;
      3. e-mail address;
      4. mailing address (as needed);
      5. date of birth (as needed).
    2. All data related to the purchasing process will be kept 7 years for bookkeeping purposes (basis Bookkeeping Act), otherwise 2 years as of the date information becomes unnecessary for Coln Valley Smokery Ltd.
  5. Rights of the client
    1. The rights of the client towards Coln Valley Smokery Ltd related to the personal data are:
      1. to apply for access to one's personal data;
      2. to apply for the rectification of one's personal data;
      3. to apply for the restriction of one's personal data;
      4. to apply for the erasure of one's personal data;
      5. to apply for the transfer of one's personal data;
      6. to withdraw one's agreement given earlier for processing personal data, if this is justified;
      7. to submit a complaint to the data protection supervision authority information commissioner's office https://ico.org.uk/
  6. Collection and use of non-personal data (summary data)
    1. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd collects non-personal data as needed, the aim of which is to improve the provision of goods/services to the clients by Coln Valley Smokery Ltd.
  7. Submission of newsletters and offers
    1. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd forwards the newsletters, campaign and discount offers related to the products and services to be sold by Coln Valley Smokery Ltd to the client only provided the client has given an explicit agreement for that (an agreement is also the joining of the newsletter by the client and active marking of a tick to the box of agreement or a separate written request).
    2. The client has the right to withdraw the latter agreement at any time (by waiving the newsletter or submitting the relevant request to Coln Valley Smokery Ltd).
  8. Security
    1. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd applies all precautionary measures (incl. administrative, technical, physical and other measures) to protect the personal data of the client. The access to change and process the data is enabled to the persons authorized for that purpose.
    2. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd confirms that it does not forward the client's personal data to the third persons without the prior agreement of the client unless the client's obligation to submit data results from the need to conclude the sales transaction (e.g. submission of the address to the courier) or from the provisions stipulated in the legal acts.
  9. Changes in privacy policy terms
    1. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd reserves the right to change the privacy policy by disclosing the changes on Coln Valley Smokery Ltd's website.
    2. Coln Valley Smokery Ltd confirms that if the change affects the client's rights, Coln Valley Smokery Ltd will notify the client of the given change and the client has the right to decide whether it agrees with the changes or waives the use of the service.
  10. Contact information related to personal data processing
    1. In case of questions arising on the privacy policy or data processing, please contact Coln Valley Smokery Ltd, Chapel House, 1 Chapel Street, Guildford, GU1 3UH, UK 01285 740311 admin@colnvalley.co.uk
    2. As regards the topic of personal data processing, we recommend to also examine the website of the information commissioner's office https://ico.org.uk/
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