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Traditionally smoked salmon

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What the Media Say

“Coln Valley is a proper artisan smokehouse in the heart of the Cotswolds. Its production methods are taditional and it uses brick kilns to give a wonderful mild, smokey flavour to its products. It uses specially selected superior grade salmon from a couple of farms on the west coast of Scotland.”
Great British Food Magazine, 2013

 “Rich and incredibly moist, this is a real connoisseur’s smoked salmon. It is very well-seasoned and intensely fishy.”
‘Smoking Hot’ taste test, Great British Food Magazine, 2012

Scottish salmon gently cooked in brick kilns produces a traditional ‘London-style’ flavour. The texture is soft and not at all sinewy.
The Very Best Smoked Salmon (Christmas review), The Sunday Telegrah (Stella Magazine), 2012

“Just in time for Christmas, the renowned artisan smokehouse has unleashed a fine-food triplet of differerntly flavoured gravadlaxes. The salmon is cured following traditional methods in brick kilns that are updated versions of the original London Smokeholes to produce a mild, smokey flavour.”
Caterer and Hotelkeeper, 2011

“Swish Fish. Last year you could get Pimm’s Gravadlax only at Wimbledon. But such was the demand that Coln Valley has produced some for non-tennis players this year, too.”
Food News, The Daily Telegraph, 2011.

“We love this very English twist on a Scandinavian Classic. Coln Valley’s melt-in-the-mouth has refreshing hints of orange, mint and Pimms. The perfect July starter.”
Olive Magazine, July 2011

“If you liked your smoked salmon really moist and rich, this is a treat taolired for you. The sides of salmon are cured for three days in Pimm’s, mint and orange, imparting a lingering fruitiness that doesn’t interfere with the initial hint of fish. Great served in a decadent sandwich which will benefit from the succulence of the fat slices.”
Green British Food Magazine, 2011

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