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The glamorous couple

There have been countless successful pairings over the years. Morecambe and Wise, French and Saunders and Laurel and Hardy to name a few. Even Bonnie and Clyde were good at what they did (despite the fact that what they did was high-level crime).


However in our eyes there isn’t a pairing as successful as that of smoked salmon and champagne. Yes, smoked salmon and champagne represents that classic combination of luxury, flavor and elegance.


Which is why everyone at Coln Valley was delighted to learn that it’s National Champagne Week from 1st – 7th October 2015. The organisers claim that ‘the sound of a champagne cork popping is one of life’s finest sounds’. And if that’s one of life’s finest sounds then enjoying a glass of champagne with the finest smoked salmon has to be one of life’s finest flavours.


Founded by Searcys, National Champagne Week 2015 aims to emphasise the diversity of champagne across some of the UK’s most iconic venues through a week-long celebration of accessible and approachable experiences – from tutored tastings and champagne masterclasses to parties and pop-ups.


Tickets to these events are available at www.nationalchampagneweek.co.uk and there will no doubt be a constant ‘pouring’ of updates available via the #champagneweek hashtag.


And if you can’t attend then why not create your own event to celebrate champagne week – at home. It goes without saying that champagne is essential and from our perspective, so is smoked salmon. Whilst we wouldn’t want to advise you on what champagne to buy, we can help with your choice when it comes to buying the finest smoked salmon – from Coln Valley’s range of classic smoked salmon to its speciality salmon products.


So, to end this piece we’d like to share the thoughts of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who said: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.”


Naturally we agree.

The glamorous couple: smoked salmon and champagne
The glamorous couple: smoked salmon and champagne